Natural Living Hay Rack


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The diet of herbivores is mainly based on various fodder including hay. An essential feeding accessory, the hay rack makes it possible to provide fodder continuously, protected from any contamination.

Conferring a multitude of advantages, the rack ensures a non-negligible financial benefit reducing the number of fillings annihilating the waste and the dispersion of the strands.

Made of high quality softwood, the Natural  hay rack from  is practical and aesthetically pleasing with a natural look.

Natural Living Hay Rack for Rodents and Rabbits
Distributes hay or grass
Guarantees hay saving by avoiding the dispersion of strands and wastage
Preserves fodder from dirt (urine and excrement)
The shape of the rack offers a natural posture for your pet
Avoid injuries or the risk of poisoning (made without resin)
Allows your pet to sort strands (specific feeding behavior)
Feeder rack made using a glue from a rubber mixture
Recyclable material


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