Gray Toledo Cat Tree


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The cat tree is an essential daily accessory for your feline. The cat tree perfectly meets the needs of the species allowing it to perform the scratches and jumps necessary for the file of the claws, the marking of territory but also the physical expenditure.

In addition to protecting your furniture from potential claw attacks from your cat, the accessory provides a rest and retreat area (observation of the environment) that is essential for your cat’s well-being (significant stress reduction).

Providing a suitable height, a remarkable grip on the ground, an ideal fold zone as well as a large scratching post, the Toledo cat tree by  easily fulfills the criteria of a quality accessory.

Gray Toledo Cat Tree
Optimal stability thanks to a grip on the ground by a wide base
Padded, soft and comfortable covered platform
Soft plush material
natural sisal pole
Wired hanging toy provides entertaining stimulation
Fallback zone at the foot of the accessory
Perched area for jumping and resting
Color of the cat tree: GRAY
Dimensions of the cat tree:

Footprint: 39 cm in diameter
Total height: 61cm
Post diameter: 9 cm


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