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Fighting your cat’s stress is an inevitable action to protect the body from the various harmful effects of chronic anxiety.

Effective and healthy, the catnip fishing rod has a number of important advantages for your tomcat:

an immediate anti-stress action
ideal physical training including relaxation
natural claw file aid
an effective alternative to boredom
an awakening of the hunting instinct avoiding frustration
Made by the famous German brand , the Fishing Rod with  is ideal for entertaining your cat and thus ensuring its well-being.
Fishing rod with cat
Made of wood with fabric plush
Features a strong, natural wooden handle
Anti-stress action provided by a plush impregnated with Catnip
Develops agility and relaxation
Claw file aid
With bell to add interest to the game
avoid boredom
Ideal for stimulating your pet’s relaxation
Strengthens the bond with your cat


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